St Augustine's Catholic College

House System

Adding healthy competition to the school community in areas of sport, charity work and collection of House Points 

The House system at St Augustine’s Catholic College has 6 houses: Catherine of Sienna, Irma Dulce, Josephine Bakhita, Maximillian Kolbe, Oscar Romero and St Peter.

Students are allocated to a house in Year 7 and stay in their House family until they leave the College. Each House has its own saint and distinctive colour. 

The House system affords students the opportunities to mix in vertical groups and adds a spirit of healthy competition to the school community. The Houses compete against each other through sport, charity work and the collection of House Points. Students come together in their Houses to celebrate their patron saint's feast day and enjoy House Masses. 

Catherine of Sienna (C)

House colour : Light blue

(1347 - 1380) Feast Day - 22 April

Virgin and Doctor of the Church, patron saint of Italy and Europe

Irma Dulce (I)

House colour : Orange

(1914 - 1992) Feast Day - 13 August

Religious and founder of OSID, providing health care and education for the poorest, first Brazilian female saint

Josephone Bakhita (J)

House colour : Red

(1869 - 1947) Feast Day – 8 February

Virgin, patron saint of Sudan and of human trafficking survivors

Maximilian Kolbe (M)

House colour : Green

(1894 - 1941) Feast Day – 14 August

Priest and martyr, patron saint of prisoners / drug addicts / journalists / the pro-life movement

Oscar Romero (O)

House colour : Dark Blue

(1917 - 1980) Feast Day - 24 March 

Bishop and martyr, un-official patron saint of the Americas. There is a pending request that he be made a Doctor of the Church

St Peter (P)

House colour : Purple

(First century)  Feast Day - 29 June

Apostle and first Pope. Along with St Paul he is a patron saint of the City of Rome