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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you hold an Open Evening and do I need to book a place?

We hold our Sixth Form Open Evening in October each year. There is no need to book a place, just turn up! The evening starts with a welcome from the Headmaster and Head of Sixth Form followed by an introduction to what life is like in our Sixth Form from the Head Boy and Head Girl. You then get an opportunity to visit departments and subjects that you are interested in studying and meet and speak to the teaching staff.

I am a student in Y11 already studying at St A’s, how do I apply?

All Y11 students currently at St A’s are automatically enrolled in Sixth Form, provided they meet the entry requirements. All we ask is that you complete the electronic Expression of Interest Form indicating which three A level subjects you are interested in studying. You will be asked to confirm your 3 subjects as soon as the option pools have been set.

I do not attend St A’s and my current school is not a faith school, can I still apply?

We welcome all applications irrespective of religion. Students who are not currently at St A’s (external applicants) need to complete the electronic Application Form on our website. Our Admissions Policy can also be found on our website.

If I start at another school and discover it’s not for me, can I transfer to St A’s?

You must still meet the entry requirements and the application to transfer must be made before the end of September. Some classes may be full so you may not get your first choice of A Level subjects, but we will do our best to accommodate late applicants. Teachers are not obliged to teach lessons that have already been covered so students must be prepared to work independently in order to catch up on work missed.

I have reservations about applying to a Roman Catholic school

As a Catholic college we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ which provides a framework that supports the growth and development of our students. We prepare our pupils to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives where they can contribute positively to society. We welcome students of all faiths and none, but do ask that all students are respectful of our ethos.

Do I have to have an interview?

We do not routinely hold interviews for prospective Sixth Form students, however, we may contact your current school or Head of Year for a reference.

I am new to St A’s, can I visit the school before making an application?

We encourage students to visit the college, especially if they were unable to attend the Sixth Form Open Evening. We also invite students who are new to St A’s to an informal pizza evening where they can familiarise themselves with the college and get to meet the Sixth Form team who will be able to answer any questions they may have.

How do I know if I have a place in Sixth Form?

Both internal Y11 students and external applicants will be asked to confirm their three A Level choices as soon as the Option Pools have been set and conditional offers will be made. If an Expression of Interest Form (current Y11 students at St A’s) or an Application Form (external applicants) has been submitted then you will automatically have a place if you meet the entry requirements.

How many subjects can I study?

Students study three A levels and it is a full-time programme. In order to study four A Levels, students must have an average GCSE score of 8 or above and it must be agreed by the Head of Sixth Form.

Do you offer any alternative qualifications to A Levels?

All Year 12 students participate in our Ethical Leadership Programme and have the option to also take an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) on a topic of their choosing. There is also the option to study Further Maths in Year 13 at the discretion of the Head of Maths. Students also participate in weekly General Religious Studies, weekly Recreation sessions and fortnightly PSHE lessons. These are non-qualification subjects and are compulsory. At the moment, we do not offer BTECs or other alternative A Level qualifications.

What happens on GCSE results day?

Internal Y11 students will either collect their results at school or the results transcript will be emailed to their school email address along with a letter confirming their position with regards to Sixth Form. External applicants must email a copy of their GCSE results transcript to the Sixth Form Administrator (Mrs Crowther or, alternatively, email to confirm they would like to withdraw their application.

I did not meet the entry requirements; can I still study A Levels at St A’s?

All students must meet the entry requirements to study A Levels. If you do not get the grades to study the A Level’s you initially wanted, but you do get the grades to study other A Level subjects we offer, it may be possible to swap subjects. If you think that you have exceptional circumstances that preclude you from meeting the entry requirements, then please make this appeal in writing/email addressed to the Head of Sixth Form.

What do you recommend I do over the summer to help me prepare for A Levels?

A Level transition work will be set by Heads of Departments and can be found on our website for all the subjects that we offer. It is expected that this work is completed for the three A Level subject choices prior to the start of Year 12. What happens on my first day in Y12? The first day of school in September is for Year 12 and Year 7 only which allows for a smoother transition into Sixth Form and secondary school respectively. Year 12 students are allocated their tutor groups and also get to meet their new tutors. No timetabled lessons are scheduled for this day, instead, students attend tutorials designed to help and support their transition into Sixth Form and A Level study.

How many students are there in a class?

Class sizes vary greatly depending on the popularity of the subject. The maximum number of students per class is 20. Very occasionally, it may not be viable to run a course if there is very little or no interest.

Can I swap subjects once I have started the course?

Although this does not happen frequently, it is possible to swap subjects during September if entry requirements are met and there is spare capacity in class. Students must discuss dropping their subject with their current teacher and also research the new subject to ensure it is the right one for them. A Level subject swaps must be agreed with the Head of Sixth Form. Teachers are not obliged to teach lessons that have already been covered so students must be prepared to work independently in order to catch up on work missed.

Can I go home if I do not have any lessons timetabled?

Due to safeguarding reasons, students remain on site, however, at the discretion of the Head of Sixth Form, permission may be granted to leave the site during the lunch break.

What does the school day look like?

The school day runs as follows:

0850-0910 – Tutor time
0910-1010 – Lesson 1
1015-1115 – Lesson 2
1115-1135 – Break
1135-1235 – Lesson 3
1240-1340 – Lesson 4
1340-1425 – Lunch
1430-1530 – Lesson 5

Is there any financial support for students?

Students can apply for the 16-19 Discretionary Bursary via the college if financial help is needed for buying school supplies like stationery, text books or college uniform. Applications cannot be approved until the student starts Y12 in September so keep all receipts which can be reimbursed if you are eligible. The college is allocated a set amount of Bursary funding so the amount students receive varies depending on the number of applications.

I have more questions, who can help me?

Please email Mrs Crowther (Sixth Form Administrator) who will be delighted to help.