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Monday, October 15
Tuesday, October 16
Wednesday, October 17
  CyberSecurity Trip (9:00 am)
  7a3 & 7b1 Mass (11:35 am)
  Year 13 Mass (2:30 pm)
Thursday, October 18

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  • Giving notice of absence

    If your son or daughter is going to be absent please either ring 01225 350001 (after 8am) or email us at attendance@sta.cc.
  • Canteen Menu

    Each week the canteen menu gets updated and added to the College Documents section on the website.
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  • Claim free school meals

    Check to see if you are eligible, register at wiltshire.gov.uk/freeschoolmeals
  • Letters home

    Most letters sent home to parents are made available on our website. Click here to take a look.
  • Parents Evening bookings

    We use the Parents Evening Manager in ParentMail for organising parents evenings bookings.

    More details on this are available here.
  • Making school payments

    We use ParentMail to allow quick and easy payments.

    More details on this are available here.

Pope Francis from today’s homily: “Our heart is like a magnet: it lets itself be attracted by love, but it can cling to one master only and it must choose: either it will love God or it will love the world’s treasure; either it will live for love or it will live for itself.”

The work of the first full day of #Relem_Amel_2018 focussing on IDENTITY ended with Evening Prayer ☆ A bit more work for some ☆ For others social time or rest ☆ Please keep our Lasallian colleagues in your prayers ☆ St. La Salle, pray for us ☆ #WeAreLaSalle ☆

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