St Augustine's Catholic College

Creating a positive learning environment: our school's Behaviour Policy

At St Augustine’s, we are committed to fostering an inclusive, positive, and safe learning environment for our students. Our Behaviour Policy is designed to support students in achieving their full potential while maintaining a respectful and harmonious school community. We've highlighted the key aspects of our policy below to help parents and students understand our approach to behaviour management.

We strive to create a supportive and engaging environment where students feel valued and motivated to excel. We thank our school community for their collaboration in maintaining a positive atmosphere for all.

For more detailed information, please refer to our full Behaviour Policy linked below.



Our SPIRIT Values guide students and staff in fostering positive behaviours and attitudes, creating a thriving school community. These values are:



We encourage our students to be disciplined and focused, managing their emotions and impulses effectively


We teach students to treat others with kindness and consideration, valuing diverse perspectives and embracing inclusivity


We promote an optimistic outlook, inspiring students to approach challenges with enthusiasm and a can-do attitude


We nurture resourcefulness and creativity, empowering students to take responsibility for their learning and growth


We emphasise the importance of honesty, trustworthiness, and strong moral principles in all aspects of life 


We foster a collaborative environment, where students learn to work together harmoniously and support one another



We celebrate students' achievements and positive behaviour with various rewards, including praise, certificates, and special privileges.

Our behaviour management approach

  • Classroom management: Teachers use diverse strategies to ensure a productive learning environment
  • The Don Bosco Room: Disruptive students may temporarily continue their education in a supervised setting
  • Suspension and Exclusion: Serious policy breaches may lead to fixed-term or permanent exclusion

Support for students with EHCP's and SEND

We make reasonable adjustments for students with Educational Health Care Plans (EHCP) or Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). Our school uses adaptive teaching, support plans, and personalised strategies like 'Re-set cards' to help these students maintain a positive learning environment

 Fixed term suspension (FTS)

Severe incidents, such as violence, verbal or physical abuse, property damage, substance misuse, theft, or bullying may lead to fixed-term suspensions

Suspension process

Key steps include parental notification, provision of work, and arranging alternative educational provision when necessary. Suspended students must not be present in public places during school hours or on school grounds

Re-Admittance meetings

Before returning to school, parents, students, and school staff attend a re-admittance meeting to discuss the suspension, commitment to preventing further incidents, and any additional support needed

Permanent exclusion

Permanent exclusion is a rare, last-resort measure for serious policy breaches or when a student's presence would severely impact the welfare of others

Behaviour Documents

Behaviour Policy May 2022

Anti-bullying and Harassment Policy