St Augustine's Catholic College


Our language curriculum aims to help students communicate effectively in another language, opening doors to global opportunities and fostering an appreciation for diverse cultures. By studying a foreign language, students not only improve their literacy and communication skills in English but also become global citizens with a greater understanding of the world around them. 

The TEEP teaching cycle structures all language lessons, with a focus on retrieval practice, learning intentions, meaning construction, and learning reviews. Teachers employ a variety of strategies to assess students' progress, including mini whiteboards, peer and self-assessment, and summative assessments at the end of each topic. 

Studying a foreign language offers numerous benefits, including improved communication skills, intercultural understanding, and enhanced career opportunities. Our language curriculum is designed to develop a range of skills and encourages students to embrace the challenges of learning a new language, fostering resilience, teamwork, and intercultural awareness. 

Key Stage 3 Years 7-9

Students develop their understanding of the target language's culture and grammar. They learn to describe themselves, others, and the world, while building a foundation in verb conjugations, adjectives, and other linguistic concepts


The curriculum emphasizes speaking and delves deeper into grammatical concepts, preparing students to engage in a wide range of global and social themes.

A Level

Challenges students to discuss complex topics, such as immigration and gender equality, and introduces the study of film and literature in the target language. 

A Level French

A Level Spanish

 Curriculum delivery

Key Stage 3            4 hours per fortnight

GCSE                       5 hours per fortnight