St Augustine's Catholic College

A Level Spanish

A Level Spanish will enable you to develop your knowledge of the language alongside your understanding of the culture and society of the countries where Spanish is spoken. Spanish is the second most widely-spoken language in the world with over 400 million speakers. Having a deeper knowledge of Spanish could allow you to work or study abroad in the future as well as enhancing your travel experience if you visit a Spanish speaking country. Being able to communicate well in another language is also a highly valued skill by many employers.

In Year 12 you will learn more about Spanish regional identity and aspects of Spanish culture such as music, dance and gastronomy. You will study artistic culture, including the work of some well-known Spanish artists and architects. You will also look at the impact of the Internet and social media on Spanish society, gender equality, feminism and rights and changes to the family and traditional values. In Year 13 you will look at social issues in the Hispanic world including immigration, racism, social integration, activism, political history including the Spanish Civil War and the Franco regime and Latin American dictators.

You will also have the opportunity to study a novel and film and carry out independent research on an area of your choice for your oral exam. Assessment tasks will be varied and cover listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

A Level Spanish is an interesting and varied subject to study and will give you a broad range of knowledge and skills. You will develop your linguistic skills and build fluency and confidence. You will engage critically with stimulating texts, films and other materials in the original language, and you will develop knowledge about the society and culture of the countries where Spanish is spoken.

Languages are an invaluable skill to have. Competence in another language can increase your job prospects. By speaking another language you’re vital to any company that does international business. All sorts of careers, in sectors such as Business, Marketing, Politics and Tourism, often need language skills whether for effective communication, making deals or selling products on the global market...the list of purposes is endless! Languages are key to the exciting multinational world we live in!

Last but not least, A Level Spanish combines well with and can enhance many other subjects.

What will I learn?

Year 12

  • Traditional and modern values (Los valores tradicionales y modernos);

  • The cyberspace (El ciberespacio);

  • Gender equality (La igualdad de los sexos);

  • The idols’ influence (La influencia de los ídolos);

  • The regional identity in Spain (La identidad regional en España);

  • The cultural heritage (El patrimonio cultural).

Year 13

  • Immigration (La inmigración);

  • Racism (El racismo);

  • Living together (La convivencia);

  • Young people nowadays, citizens of tomorrow (Jóvenes de hoy, ciudadanos del mañana);

  • Monarchies and dictatorships (Monarquías y dictaduras);

  • Popular movements (Los movimientos populares).

How will I be assessed?

Students are examined at the end of Year 13. Over the two years, students must study either one text and one film or two texts from a prescribed list.

Paper 1: Listening and reading questions plus translation into English and prose translation English into Spanish (100 words each) 2hr 30 - 160 marks/40% of A Level

Paper 2: Writing – 2hrs - 90 marks/30% of A Level

Students write two essays either on one set text and one film or about two different literary works.

Paper 3: Speaking 21-23 mins + 5 mins prep time – 60 marks/30% of A Level

Discussion of one sub theme (5-6 mins; 25 marks) prompted by stimulus card.

Presentation (2 mins; 10 marks) followed by discussion (9-10 mins; 25 marks) of research project.