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Our students are growing up, and will live in a rapidly changing world. The topics taught have been chosen to help students understand the underpinning physical and human processes that are causing these changes, as well as those which have helped to shape the past. We aim to help students become global citizens, understand their place in the world and the impact of the choices and decisions they make. As well as ensuring students have the underpinning knowledge, tasks and assessments are used to help students think critically, develop their own opinions about key issues and to be able to justify them, whilst appreciating that other people may have different views.

As a Catholic School we aim to develop in our students, a sense of awe and wonder so that they appreciate the world around them and are able to act as stewards of creation. Catholic Social teaching and Lasallian values permeate the curriculum as we address key global issues and provide students with the knowledge and competencies to be active citizens, taking practical action to support the wider world and their local communities.

Fieldwork and trips allow students to develop their cultural capital by visiting different human and physical landscapes, bringing their learning to life. 

Mrs Jen Ewings, Head of Geography

Key Stage 3

Geography is taught through a three-year Key Stage 3 curriculum, so that students who finish their studies of the subject at this stage have a broad and balanced experience, and a clear understanding of the subject’s big concepts (Place, Space, Earth Systems and Environment) whilst building a strong foundation for further study at GCSE and A Level.



A Level

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Curriculum delivery


Key stage 3            3 hours per fortnight

GCSE                      5 hours per fortnight 

A level                    9 hours per fortnight