St Augustine's Catholic College

A Level Geography

"Studying Geography has grown from more than just an option choice but to an extreme interest"

"Geography is such an important part of our understanding of the world that we live in and what we can do to make a difference"

"I love the diversity of Geography"

This A Level is engaging and relevant to today’s geographers – a qualification that will enable you to engage critically with real world issues and places, apply your own geographical knowledge, understanding and skills to make sense of the world around you and to help prepare you to succeed in your chosen pathway.

This specification provides an engaging and contemporary issues-based approach which will enable you to explore and evaluate contemporary geographical questions and issues such as the consequences of globalisation, responses to hazards, water insecurity and climate change.

The course content will give you the opportunity to develop an in-depth understanding of physical and human geography, the complexity of people and environment questions and issues, and to become a critical, reflective and independent learner, and will provide an ideal base to progress to undergraduate geography. You will also develop a range of transferrable skills which are highly sought after by employers and higher education institutions whatever field you choose to go into.

Area of Study 1: Dynamic Landscapes

Topic 1 - Tectonic processes and hazards

Topic 2 - Landscape systems, processes and change – Options include Coastal landscapes and change of Glaciated Landscapes

Area of Study 2: Dynamic Places

Topic 3 - Globalisation

Topic 4 - Shaping Places - Options include Regenerating Places or Diverse Places

Area of Study 3: Physical Systems and Sustainability

Topic 5 - The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity

Topic 6 - The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security Topic 7 - Climate Change Futures

Area of Study 4: Human Systems and Geopolitics

Topic 8 - Superpowers

Topic 9 - Global Development and Connections - Options include Human Health, Rights and Intervention or Migration, Identity and Sovereignty


In this independent report (3000-4000 words) you will collect data and research a geographical question. You will be required to present and analyse data and draw conclusions. You will integrate data collected during your fieldwork into the report.


Paper 1: (30%) 2 hours - This paper will assess the physical topics (1,2,5,6,7) Paper 2: (30%) 2 hours - This paper will assess the human topics (3,4,8,9) Paper 3: (20%) 1hr 45 mins - This will be a synoptic paper Coursework: (20%) Independent Investigation


Students are required to undertake a minimum of 4 compulsory days of fieldwork in contrasting locations. The provision of this fieldwork varies depending on numbers and may be done as a residential trip to provide students with the best possible opportunities. Residential trips provide an excellent enrichment experience for students, but please note that these trips may incur a cost which can vary between (£150-250). There may also be opportunities for students to take part in an overseas optional fieldtrip. Past destinations have included Iceland and Italy.