St Augustine's Catholic College

Religious Studies

At St. Augustine's Catholic College, our Religious Studies curriculum aims to engage and inspire students to explore questions of meaning throughout their educational journey. We offer a comprehensive curriculum for all abilities, fostering critical thinking and discussion to build confidence in expressing and evaluating views. 

We encourage students to develop research, analysis, and essay-writing skills, which are highly valued by universities and employers. The subject also fosters religious tolerance, respect, and a strong sense of personal values. Our curriculum provides a solid foundation for various careers, including education, journalism, law, media, and the caring professions.

We use the TEEP teaching cycle to plan engaging, purposeful lessons that allow students to make sense of new information in diverse ways. Regular assessments and student feedback enable us to continually refine our curriculum and ensure its effectiveness.

Our curriculum emphasizes growth mindset skills and inclusivity, preparing students for a diverse world where they can serve others. Rooted in gospel values and the teachings of Jesus Christ, our Religious Studies curriculum encourages students to develop their worldview from various perspectives, ultimately promoting the greater glory of God.

Mrs Louisa Marr, Head of Religious Studies

Key Stage 3 Years 7-9

Our curriculum follows the People of God program, focusing on foundational topics in Years 7-8 and exploring faith, science, vocation, and truth in Year 9.


Follows the Eduqas Specification B exam curriculum, delving into Catholic theology and Judaism while providing effective stretch and challenge tasks for all students.

A Level

Students continue their religious education through General RE and can also pursue A Level Religious Studies, which comprises three equal components: Religion, Philosophy, and Ethics.

A Level Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

 Curriculum delivery


Key Stage 3            5 lessons per fortnight 

GCSE                       5 lessons per fortnight

A Level                    9 lessons per fortnight


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