St Augustine's Catholic College


At St Augustine’s, Physical Education (PE) holds a vital role in developing our school community and promoting health and well-being among our students. As we recognize the growing concerns related to physical inactivity and its implications, we strive to cultivate a love for sports and physical activities. Our department values the numerous benefits of being active, including its impact on the brain development and psychological health of young learners. 

Our Curriculum

Our PE curriculum is designed to promote knowledge and skill-building in various sports and physical activities. With an aim to prepare our students for lifelong physical fitness, we offer an enriching array of activities that cater to students' diverse interests and capabilities.

Our Approach

We implement the TEEP cycle in our lessons, encouraging students to understand, apply, and review their learning. Regular assessments and a variety of feedback strategies are used to ensure comprehension of key concepts, knowledge, and skills. 

The Impact

We believe in the age-old adage - "A healthy mind resides in a healthy body". PE, as part of our curriculum, goes beyond just maintaining physical fitness. It teaches the importance of a healthy lifestyle, inculcates self-confidence, teamwork, and a positive attitude, and imparts knowledge about physical health. Our aim is to guide students to make informed choices about their well-being, understand the value of nutrition, and encourage them to become active contributors to a healthier society. 

We welcome all students and parents to join us in this journey of physical wellness and social development at St Augustine’s.

Mr Jordan Mockett, Head of PE

Key Stage 3

Students are introduced to a broad range of activities, aiming to develop essential skills and a deep understanding of sport. They get to play multiple roles, such as performer, coach, and organizer, fostering versatility and a comprehensive understanding of sports.

Key Stage 4 Core PE

Students who do not opt for sports studies get to create a bespoke ‘Pathway’, aligning with their interests and strengths. Our curriculum provides opportunities to refine techniques, understand strategic aspects, and promote an active healthy lifestyle.


GCSE Sports Studies: We nurture students' interest in physical activity and sport, highlighting contemporary issues and developing an understanding of anatomy and physiology within sports. This course encourages students to continue their engagement with physical education in further studies.

A Level

Alongside A-level PE, we provide recreation opportunities for Year 12 students, ensuring they enjoy some sports activities amidst their academic schedule.

 A Level PE