St Augustine's Catholic College


Our Mathematics Department is dedicated to helping students develop essential mathematical skills and knowledge, empowering them to solve problems with confidence, enjoyment, and success.

Our Mathematics lessons follow the TEEP teaching cycle, which includes identifying learning outcomes, retrieval practice, constructing meaning, and applying techniques to various contexts. Assessments at each Key Stage are designed to inform our planning, with review lessons allowing students to reflect on their progress and consolidate their understanding. 

Mathematics plays a vital role in our society and is crucial for developing intellectual capacities. Students must work consistently and independently to fully grasp the subject matter and apply their knowledge in different contexts. A strong foundation in Mathematics enhances rational thinking and problem-solving skills, enabling students to tackle real-life challenges and communicate ideas effectively. 

Mr Simon Hunt, Head of Maths

Key Stage 3 and 4

Throughout Key Stages 3 and 4, students focus on fundamental mathematical topics, such as number, algebra, percentages, ratio, geometry, graphs, averages, and probability. The curriculum is designed to encourage independent thinking and problem-solving within a rigorous mathematical framework.

A Levels

At Key Stage 5, we offer both Pure and Applied Mathematics, covering algebraic understanding, mechanics, and statistics. Our goal is to introduce students to broad mathematical applications and prepare them for further study in Mathematics or Science at university. Our teaching emphasizes mathematical rigor, full justification of results, and individual support. 

Maths A Level

Curriculum delivery

Years 7-9   6 hours per fortnight

GCSE        8 hours per fortnight

A Level     9 hours per fortnight