St Augustine's Catholic College


Information Technology

Our Computer Science and Creative iMedia programs across KS3, KS4, and KS5 are designed to provide students with a strong foundation in digital skills, programming, media analysis, and creative design. With a focus on engaging and interactive learning, we help students develop problem-solving abilities, teamwork, and time management skills.

Throughout all levels, our programs expose students to the project life cycle, a crucial process they will encounter in further academia and the workplace. We prepare students for the computing world by focusing on programming skills, media analysis, and creative design. In KS5, we emphasize independence and personal interest exploration, culminating in a comprehensive programming project.

Our department fosters a sense of investigation, problem-solving, and resilience in our students. By encouraging teamwork and personal growth, we help students develop a strong foundation in computer science and IT, preparing them for success in university and the workplace.

Key Stage 3

In Years 7, 8 & 9, students follow a broad curriculum that prepares them for an active role in the digital world, instead of being passive consumers of opaque and mysterious technology. They not only learn the technical skills of using different tools, but their application in everyday life too. 


GCSE Computer Science

In KS4 Computer Science, students work through unit-based workbooks, complete assessments, and engage in quizzes to demonstrate their understanding. By providing feedback and opportunities for improvement, we help students build their knowledge and exam-taking skills. 

Creative iMedia

Our Creative iMedia program allows students to explore their creativity and understand the impact of media on everyday life. Through workbooks, knowledge organizers, and retrieval practice, students develop essential analytical and interpretation skills.

A Level

In KS5 Computer Science, we emphasize independence and in-depth analysis, building on KS4 knowledge. Students create concise notes, engage in exam-style questions, and work on programming projects. By guiding students through individual targets and offering regular meetings, we help them develop essential time management and self-reflective skills for their future endeavours.

A Level Computer Science