St Augustine's Catholic College


Our English curriculum focuses on developing excellent communication skills and fostering a love for the subject in all students. We aim to encourage independent, critical thinking and appreciation of diverse perspectives, while building a strong foundation for further studies. We ensure our curriculum is engaging and challenging, with a thematic approach and a focus on classic literature and contemporary issues. 

The TEEP teaching cycle is used for consistent lesson structure. 

Regular assessments help teachers evaluate effectiveness and areas needing further work. 

Students develop critical evaluation skills and master various forms of writing, applicable to other subjects and future studies. 

Philosophy for Children inquiries encourage thoughtful discussion, respect, and confidence in expressing ideas. 

Our text selection aligns with students' religious and historical studies, allowing for cross-curricular connections. 

Our English curriculum provides a comprehensive and engaging learning experience, equipping students with essential communication skills and a lifelong passion for the subject. 

- Mrs Z Ellis, Head of English

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 (KS3) highlights: 

Thematic units covering a wide range of texts and genres, such as Romantic poetry and the Gothic genre. 

Exploration of empathy, morality, and social justice through texts like 'Animal Farm' and 'Of Mice and Men'. 

Encouragement of reading for pleasure through private reading lessons, reading challenges, and World Book Week activities. 

Emphasis on spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as well as ambitious vocabulary development. 

Regular formative assessments to track progress and aid transition to GCSE. 

GCSE English Literature

In Year 9, students begin to focus on the GCSE syllabus and their GCSE Literature texts. Years 10 and 11 allow them to refine their skills for optimal outcomes. Our ambitious curriculum also prepares students for further study at Key Stage 5 (KS5). 

A Levels

KS5 offers English Literature and English Language and Literature courses. We teach a diverse range of texts and emphasize essay writing, independent study, and opportunities for enrichment through academic lectures and trips. Students completing the course will be well-prepared for the first year of their degree. 

A Level English Language and Literature

A Level English Literature

Curriculum delivery

KS3            6 hours per fortnight

GCSE        8 hours per fortnight

A Level     9 hours per fortnight