St Augustine's Catholic College

Design & Technology

Creative Solutions for an Evolving World 

Our Design and Technology curriculum aims to empower students with the knowledge and skills needed to design creative solutions for various users, while considering social and environmental impacts. We emphasize analysis, evaluation, and effective communication throughout the course. 

Students are assessed through various methods, such as design work, practical work, end-of-unit assessments, and exam-style questions. Feedback helps identify areas for improvement and support. 

The TEEP teaching cycle is applied to ensure effective learning. 

Design and Technology helps students develop creativity, problem-solving, and independence. They learn to apply knowledge from other subjects, such as science, math, English, geography, and history. By the end of their studies, students will have honed valuable life skills and be prepared for future careers. 

Mrs Emily Bindon, Head of Design and Technology

Key Stage 3

Students learn design techniques, drawing styles, and how to present their work effectively. They acquire practical skills in various areas, such as cutting, shaping, sewing, soldering circuits, and food preparation. Furthermore, they study key ideas in Design and Technology, materials, systems, and food safety. 

GCSE Product Design

Students revisit core theory and develop specialized practical skills. 

They create a design and make project tailored to a real-life client. 

GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition

Students build on their technical knowledge and improve their practical skills. 

They complete two coursework tasks: a Food Science investigation and a menu planning project. 

A Level

Students delve deeper into technical and designing principles. They work independently on creative solutions and consider the environmental impact of their design choices. They complete a full design and make project based on real-life clients and problems. 

A Level Product Design

Curriculum delivery

KS3 Years 7-9          3 lessons a fortnight

GCSE                      5 lessons a fortnight

A Level                   9 lessons a fortnight