St Augustine's Catholic College

Environmental Science

Are you interested in finding out more about human impact on our earth? Or maybe you are interested in discovering ways in which environmental damage can be halted or even reversed? If

this sounds like you, A-Level Environmental Science provides an exciting opportunity to study the key environmental issues of our time and learn how to work towards a sustainable future.

Environmental Science is a multi-disciplinary course and gives you the opportunity to study natural systems and how humans interact with the environment. This course requires a deep understanding

and knowledge of biological and geographical interactions. Throughout the course you will develop your research and practical skills and widen your understanding of real-world environmental science.

What will I study?

Year 12: The Living Environment The conditions for life on earth, Conservation of biodiversity, Life processes and the biosphere

Year 12: The Physical Environment The atmosphere, The hydrosphere, The lithosphere and soil, Biogeochemical cycles

Y13: Earth Resources Energy resources, Agriculture, Aquatic food resources, Forest resources

Y13: Pollution and Sustainability Pollution, Sustainability

Environmental science is a practical subject. You have to complete 12 practical activities (in the lab, on the College site and in the local area i.e. Biss Woods). In addition, you must complete 2-4 compulsory days of fieldwork. Residential field studies trips provide an excellent enrichment opportunity, but please note that the field trips incur a cost which can vary between (£200-300).


Two 3 hour written papers worth 50% each – a mixture of multiple choice, short answer and extended writing questions. There is no coursework.

Who will it suit?

If you are passionate about the environment and the sustainability of our planet then environmental science is the subject for you. The course encompasses conditions of life on Earth and the sustainability of energy resources and agriculture, you will find it intriguing and thought provoking. Environmental science is a very relevant subject in our life’s today and you could make a difference and change our future world with this engaging A-level.

Entry requirements

Grade 5 in both English Language and Mathematics and Grade 5 in Combined Science

Beyond the classroom

As a practical subject you are required to take part in a residential trip and day trips to complete field work. During the residential you will gain first hand experience of environmental sampling techniques and have the opportunity to use specialist equipment such as a bat detector and moth traps. Other local trips may include Biss woods to assess biodiversity of invertebrates, Stowford Manor Farm to investigate a freshwater environment and many more. You will develop your practical skills which will expand your insight of real-life environmental science.

Next steps

Environmental Science is a very broad subject and is accepted by universities for a huge range of degrees such as oceanography, ecology, environmental science, geography, geology, marine biology, agriculture and zoology. It can lead to a vast array of careers including wildlife conservation, climatology, engineering, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, environmental law, tourism, sustainable architecture, among many others.