FOSTA Mass at St George’s Warminster

I would like to thank Mrs Billington and the members of FOSTA for organising such a wonderful Mass at St George’s on Sunday. It was lovely to see so many of your students and a pleasure to meet members of the parish afterwards.

Banner-FOSTAI would like to share some of Mrs Billington’s words with our wider school community.

“So, why do we treasure a Catholic education for our children, in particular at St Augustine’s?

You may be aware of the outstanding academic achievements of St Augustine’s. The league tables for 2014 are not yet available, but the GCSE results from 2013 place the school within the top 100 state schools in the whole of the country and it is second highest in Wiltshire including private schools. This is through the dedication of the pupils and their teachers, who truly encourage every student to achieve their very best.

But that aside, it is the very ethos of the school that makes it so special.

In a world that seems so full of conflict, selfishness and consumption, our children are encouraged to think about others, to respect others and to be kind to others. And the dedicated staff are, in turn, kind and considerate to our children.

In a disciplined, but caring environment, students are supported to fulfil their potential, whether academic, sporting, musical, creative or artistic and to use their gifts and talents to make the world a better place.

St Augustine’s is an outstanding college and as a community we are very fortunate to have such an exemplary school for our young people to attend,  where the way of Christ and our Catholic ethos is living and breathing at its very heart.

As parents we all hold precious our Christian values of kindness, respect, faith, discipline and hard work. And these values and foundations will always influence our children’s personal, professional and spiritual lives.

This is what makes a Catholic education special and why we must treasure both St George’s Primary School and St Augustine’s.

Let us share our life at St Augustine’s with you.”

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